Why DataSet?

Business needs

·         You want to bring existing application to Silverlight world

·         You need to display data in DataGrid but the order and number of columns are unknown at design time

Simplified Communication with Server

·         You don’t want to write or generate Data Transfer objects

·         You want to have only one WCF endpoint and data contract for all application

·         You want to minimize the number of data exchanges with server

Data Validation in Silverlight Application

·         You want to validate data before sending them to server for update

·         You want to prevent sending non-valid data to server

Current Version

2010-05-13 – Fix: DataSet.ToXml method returned DateTime value in incorrect format for newly-created DataRow. Fix was applied to DataField class in Silverlight.DataSet library. Demo application was redeployed with fixed library.

Releases History

2009-12-09 – Fix: Incorrect NULL vs String.Empty handling. Silverlight DataSet overrides String.Empty default value in database table by NULL during update despite value wasn't changed in UI. Fix was applied to Silverlight DataSet library.

Version – Final Release: includes all changes from previous releases

Version – Fix: DataSet throws an exception on sorting when one of the values is null

Version – Change Request: HasChanges property was added to DataRow, DataTable, and DataSet

Version – Fix: DataSet throws an exception on System.Decimal DataColumn when regional settings are different from en-US

Version – Fix: DataSet throws an exception when DataTable contains too many DataColumns

Version – Fix: DataSet.GetDataView method throws an exception when database table contains “smallint” field

Version – Editable DataGrid support was added

Version – DataRelation was added for supporting Master-Details screens.

Version – System.Byte[] DataColumn was added

Version – Formatting of auto generated columns in DataGrid was added

Version – System.Int16 DataColumn was added

Version – DataColumn.Width property was added

Version – DataColumn.Caption property was added

Version – DataView can be sorted programmatically

Version – Support for ComboBox “NullValue” property was added

Version - System.Byte DataColumn was added

Version – Includes all changes from releases –

Version – Xml data compression is turned on

Version – NullValue property was added to DataColumn

Version - Non-sortable DataView was added

Version - Binding to DataGrid with AutoGenerateColumns="True" is supported
Version - System.Decimal DataColumn was added
Version - System.Double DataColumn was added