What Is New


Silverlight DataSet 3 documentation may be changed at any time because Silverlight DataSet 3 project is under development now.

The purpose of this site is to present preliminary information to our customers for review and get their feedback.

Changes Overview

DataRow States

Simplifying inner architecture, we decided not to use detached DataRows anymore. That is DataTable.NewRow() method returns new DataRow already added to DataTable. DataRowCollection.Add() method becomes deprecated and does nothing in Silverlight DataSet 3 version.

Strongly-typed Data Storage

Silverlight DataSet 3 uses strongly-typed columns, like Int32DataColumn or DateTimeDataColumn for DataTable creation. Those strongly-typed columns have indexer which takes row index and returns strongly-typed value, for example the following code sets / gets strongly-typed value to / from the first row:

DataTable dataTable = new DataTable("PersonList");


Int32DataColumn dataColumn = new Int32DataColumn("RecordId");



DataRow dataRow = dataTable.NewRow();


dataColumn[0] = 3;


int? recordId = int32DataColumn[0]; // 3